Remington Going to the Dogs—Three-headed Dog Actually

American workers make great products, too bad not enough of those products are being sold. That may be a simplistic analysis of a complex situation but with Toyota about to speed past GM as the world’s largest automobile manufacturer and Remington being bought out by Cerberus, the same Cerberus that is buying out Chrysler and Bushmaster Firearms, I think we should all go out and buy a Silverado with a Wingmaster back in the gun rack.

Yes a redneck solution, but I try to buy American Made whenever possible. Big Green may be a victim of product sticker shock, hence their inexpensive line of import guns. Let’s hope under Cerberus that Big Green can continue the traditions of a great brand with great products. Cerberus, as you may know, is the mythical three-headed dog that guards the gates to hell, the Wall Street firm by the same name can smell money like a Brittany smells grouse. If I say America’s oldest continually operating firearms company has gone to the dogs, that’s a good thing.

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