Waste King Reviews – L-8000 Legend Series 1.0 HP & Legend Series L-111 3/4 HP

wasteking_B000DZGN7Q_1-lgWaste King L-8000 Legend Series 1.0-Horsepower review

The features of this device are as follows:

It is a really complete 1 HP motor that really serves for the best speed of ultimate high capacity and also a high rpm of about 2800.

The device comes with the complete availability of the stainless steel impellers. They are built in such a manner that they are completely capable of reducing any sort of jamming. At the same time they also come with a splash guard. With the help of the awesome splash guard, it is really quite easy to clean the device and also put to really well use.

The reduction of noise is really well maintained in this device. This is really well guaranteed with the help of the stainless steel components that have been really well insulated for the best possible results.

The mount system that is provided in this device is really quite fast and also quite easy to install. With this system, even a heavy device like this can be properly attached without any issues at all.

The drain elbow as well as a gasket is also properly provided with this device. It ensures a really high performance and also a proper way of functioning.

The grinding components are made in such a way and also of such a material that they are completely rust proof. Even if they are subject to any sort of damage, the lifetime warranty that is provided ensures a proper protection against any kind of rust issues.

This is a product that comes at a really low weight of just about 14.6 pounds. The anti-jam swivel impellers that are used in the device are really of an extreme build quality and come with a proper stainless steel cast.

The device comes with a power cord that has been properly installed. The plumb EZ mounting system in the device ensures that the entire product can be really easily mounted with the least amount of problems.

It also comes with a reset button of the complete front mount nature.

The corrosion proof grounding system, the really well performing motor, the extremely low sound output and also the high grade build quality are the best perks of this device. It has a highly energy efficient motor which comes with a complete permanent magnet Vortex category performance. The current that is required in the product is of 115 volts, a frequency of 60Hz and also a complete current requirement of about 7 amps.

 61yHHJonAEL._SY355_Waste King Legend Series L-111 3/4 review

The features of this device are as follows:

The device comes with the proper availability of a 1900rpm motor.

Unlike some devices that don’t have a power cord, this comes with a complete power cord of a huge length of about 36 inches.

The splash guard that has been used in the device is completely removable and can be taken out and cleaned whenever wanted.

The designing and also the build structure is where this product really excels. With the help of its compact designing approach, it can be installed in any small kitchen without any hassle.

This is the ultimate garbage disposer unit as for the reason that it not only comes with a really great quality, at the same time it also has a proper warranty. This longtime warranty ensures the commitment of the company to its customers.

This is also one of the most lightweight and best garbage disposal units at just about 9 pounds in total.

Most of the Reviews of this product indicate that it was really quite fast and easy to install. In some cases it is also seen that the proper and complete installation was completed in just a matter of 10 minutes. The extremely small nature of this product ensured that people were really quite happy with the complete overall quality of the entire product.

The Wasteking devices are really considered to be the best devices and most of the customer reviews have indicated really high praises regarding these products. People have indicated that one should really favor Wasteking compared to other brands like that of Badger as well as In-Sink-Erator.

One thing that was a minor disappointment regarding the product is the complete absence of a manual override button. The EZ mounting system is another bit of approach provided by this device that allows for a really well rendering functionality.

The main pros of this device as indicated in Garbage Disposal Reviews are that it is cheaper than most of the brands of garbage disposal. It has a really superior construction compared to the rival brands whiles still maintaining a highly economical price range. The cord and plug are both introduced in the device that really allows for the best approach towards the best garbage disposal unit.

Smith & Wesson Is Locked and Loaded

sw_logoIf there ever was a gun company to watch these days it is Smith & Wesson. Not just because they will begin shipping their new 1000 Series shotguns, which may make upland hunters happy, but because S&W is blowing away Wall Street, according to Business Week.

Business Week ranked S&W 77th out of 100 Hot Growth Companies. Yes a gun company running with the bulls. S&W is evidently discovering marketing and branding strategies and is licensing everything from bicycles to watches to wood smokers. Can you say, “branding?” And they are offering new products.

New products will clean out the fouled bores of the gun industry and incite new consumers. Of course there is also the danger over branding and diminishing the brand’s cache. But for the time being, net product sales increased 48.8% and firearm sales increased more than 50% in fiscal 2007. In the fourth quarter, sales were a record $82.6 million, almost a 60% increase from the same period last year.

It was also their tenth consecutive quarter of double-digit sales growth. Wall Street thinks S&W is hitting the bulls eye. Oh yeah, about the 1000 Series. For upland hunting as well as hunting from a duck blind or waiting for a tom, the 1000 Series incorporates features a you’d expect on the a high-end shotgun like a chrome-lined barrel, five choke tubes, and a four-piece shim kit to adjust the stock. We haven’t had the opportunity to exercise a new 1000 Series, but look for an update in months to come. Did I mention they have a line of double guns, too?

Remington Going to the Dogs—Three-headed Dog Actually

American workers make great products, too bad not enough of those products are being sold. That may be a simplistic analysis of a complex situation but with Toyota about to speed past GM as the world’s largest automobile manufacturer and Remington being bought out by Cerberus, the same Cerberus that is buying out Chrysler and Bushmaster Firearms, I think we should all go out and buy a Silverado with a Wingmaster back in the gun rack.

Yes a redneck solution, but I try to buy American Made whenever possible. Big Green may be a victim of product sticker shock, hence their inexpensive line of import guns. Let’s hope under Cerberus that Big Green can continue the traditions of a great brand with great products. Cerberus, as you may know, is the mythical three-headed dog that guards the gates to hell, the Wall Street firm by the same name can smell money like a Brittany smells grouse. If I say America’s oldest continually operating firearms company has gone to the dogs, that’s a good thing.

New Orvis Shooting Grounds in Georgia

Orvis just recently opened the Orvis Shooting Grounds at Barnsley Gardens in Adairsville, Georgia, just an hour north of Atlanta. The resort’s sporting clays range can help you work the bugs out on crossing shots or introduce you to the fundamentals. In addition to shooting instruction, Orvis offers their two-day fly-fishing schools at the facility.

The Barnsley Gardens Resort was developed around the historic estate and gardens of Godfrey Barnsley. It features accommodations and restaurants, plus full spa facilities. Don’t shoot? There’s an 18-hole golf course, horseback riding, tennis, swimming and trails for mountain biking and hiking.

Bird Hunting Withdrawls or Why I visited Sam Colt at the Wadsworth

colt_blue_domeIt has been a few weeks since bird hunting season ended and the withdrawals are here. How many times can you count empty shotgun shells and cross-reference them by gauge and manufacturer? I’m starting to  miss my favourite rifle that I found by researching rifle scope reviews. IThere just isn’t enough shot, wad, primer and powder to fill up the time until turkey season.

As a distraction, the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art in Hartford, CT has an exhibition worthy of a gunner’s viewing. Samuel Colt: Arms, Art, and Invention runs thru March 4, 2007, with arms designed by Sam in the early years of Colt. Sam was quite the inventor as well as charlatan, traitor, and genius. It all depended on whom you spoke to back in the mid 1800s. What is intriguing is that Sam understood marketing and his brand even before there was anything called marketing and branding.

Sam knew what his name (brand) meant to those interested in purchasing firearms—simplicity of design, durability, and reliability. He traveled to Europe extensively hawking his guns from sultans in Turkey to czars in Russia. He even fended off copyright infringements. Fake Colts back then were as numerous as fake Rolexs in NYC’s Chinatown.

There are also some oils by George Catlin, who made a name for himself by painting native Americans in the 19th-century. Catlin also painted some canvases depicting Colt’s firearms. Talk about product placement. These guys were well ahead of marketing the curve.